Black Friday shopping underway

Black Friday shopping underway

Shopping was slow Friday morning in Northwest Bakersfield because many people were out the night before when many stores opened early.
BAKERSFIELD, CA- Black Friday is underway across Bakersfield with the majority of stores opening on Thanksgiving night.  However, many people we spoke with Friday morning said they're shopping now because they wanted to avoid the long lines Thursday night.

But for some people, this is just one of their stops on their long list of stores.

"What we've done is we wrote down a list of the places that we wanted to hit up first and we went to Walmart and that was our base point, and from there we went to the mall and now we're finishing up here," said shopper Alfred Bahena.

Now many people spent their Thanksgiving waiting in line.

One of the first big stores to open was Toys R Us. They opened its doors at 5 p.m. Thursday.

One family we spoke with says even though it was Thanksgiving, getting those special marked off items is worth the wait.

"In here, we're going to get the big ticket items, the door buster things, the electronics...that's what you go for on Black Friday is the electronics so that's what we're going in for is the electronics. We're going to get them this year, aren't we kids?"  said Shopper Ginger McMasters.

"I don't think it's crazy, some people don't like it because they say it's ruining Thanksgiving but they not forcing us to be here. We here because we want to be here. The people that don't want to come, they can stay home," said shopper Lashawnda Perry.

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