Retailers offer after-Christmas deals

After the holiday shopping rush, comes the return dash. It's that time, after-Christmas sales are here.
BAKERSFIELD, CA - If you think the busy shopping season is behind you, think again. The deals for after-Christmas shopping are already popping up. Several local stores opened early Thursday.

You can expect crowds for two reasons, shoppers are returning gifts and looking for good deals.

National Retail Federation media relations director Kathy Grannis says they're expected to be bigger than ever.

Grannis said, "Discounts will definitely be deep this week. But what you're getting are leftovers. You can guarantee that you'll see some 70-75% off discounts on wrapping paper and Christmas tree trinkets."

Retailers are also offering deals on clothing, electronics and other items. some are getting a head start, opening their doors as early as 5 a.m.

The expected rush isn't just in stores. Many retailers like Banana Republic and Toys'R'Us are offering online discounts as well.

"The week after Christmas can account for as much as 15% of what retailers see throughout the entire holiday season. So if you add it all up this final week is just as important for retailers as the week before is," said Grannis.

With enticing sales, a chunk of shoppers are cashing in on gift cards.

"We're actually expecting gift cards to bring about $28 billion once they've all been redeemed," said Grannis.

If you're looking to return a gift, you're not alone. A recent survey by Retail Me Not shows 42% of consumers will bring back some of the gifts they received this year.

Experts recommend having a receipt and knowing the return policy, to ensure the smoothest transactions.

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