Hello Humankindness: 'Dancing Cowboy' presented with gifts from local group

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local man who has smiled and danced his way into the hearts of many in Bakersfield was surprised today with several gifts after a local fundraising effort. 

Marques Morrison, better known as "Priest," the Little Ceasar's "dancing cowboy" at the corner of Stockdale Highway and California Avenue was working today when a group of Bakersfield residents showed up to present him with several gifts.

The gift bag, worth more than $800 included a pair of Bose wireless headphones, an iPod, a Visa gift card, and an iTunes gift card. The result exceeded the $300 goal of a GoFundMe account.

Bakersfield resident Josiah Frazier spearheaded the fundraising. 

"We were talking about how he dances and everything, and i asked him, 'Why do you dance with no headphones?' He was like, 'You know? I got music from my heart.' So, I had the thought maybe to put it out there, have a GoFundMe campaign, and it just blew up. In 24 hours we reached our goal and surpassed it."

If you know someone who demonstrates acts of kindness, we want to know about it. Visit our website, kerngoldenempire.com and click on the Humankindness link.

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