A poem from James Throne to his wife, Amanda

A couple years ago James gave Amanda a plaque with a poem on it as a surprise gift. Here is what the poem said:
A couple years ago James gave Amanda a plaque with a poem on it as a surprise gift. Here is what the poem said:

"A Tribute to a Cops Wife"

To Amanda My Beautiful and Loving Wife

Amanda, I'm sure you've heard at times during our married life,
From those who ask, Aren't you proud to be a Deputy's wife?
But Amanda, let me say this: It's you I'm proud of, and they would be too,
If only they could say what takes to be one and what she has to go through.
To be a lawman , it's no easy task to do what we have to do.
But it's a much harder job to be his wife, and it takes someone special like you,
And I know God chose you to be with me in this life.
Because He knew you had the quality and strength to be a cop's wife.
Some may say that I have courage and I'm a hero and that sort of thing:
And when I hear it, this thought to my mind it always brings:
It's you Amanda, who's the real hero, not me.
And I know you get lonley and frustrated at times and wonder if it's worth it all:
But if you ever left me, this "brave courageous hero" would be no man at all.
And I know you worry about the temptations I face on the streets,
Of the women of the night and the girls that I meet,
But let me tell you this, Amanda , and listen good:
There's nobody on earth that could replace you they certainly never could.
And I know there are times when I go to work and you kiss me goobye,
That you must worry and wonder if this is the day I've been chosen to die.
And, Amanda, if that should ever happen and someday be true,
Remember Amanda, my very last thoughts on this earth will be with you.

All my love Your Husband,
James Throne, Deputy Sheriff, Badge # 952
Kern county Sheriff's Department - 2005
Bakersfield, California
"Becasue I love you"
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Bakersfield, CA

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