5 simple ways to go green

If you're looking for easy ways to go green, check out these 5 ideas that will help reduce your footprint on the planet!

1. Use the dishwasher

It's a common misconception that hand washing dishes will save you water. The opposite is actually true. You can save even more water if you stop pre-rinsing dishes.

2. Unplug your devices

A recent survey found that 49% of people overcharge their devices. If you unplug as soon as your device is charged, you can stop wasting energy.

3. Take shorter showers

Showers account for almost 10% of the average home's energy usage. If you cut your shower down by even five minutes, you will save big time on water and energy.

4. Replace old appliances

If you want to renovate your kitchen or laundry room, this is the perfect excuse! Most new appliances are energy efficient, but be sure to look for ones with the Environmental Protection Agency's Star label on them to use between 10 and 50 percent less energy and water.

5. Carpool

Find someone at work or school who lives nearby and wants to carpool. This is one the easiest and best ways to decrease air pollution.

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