Hunting safety tips

As hunting season begins, it's a good idea to revisit safety tips so that you and your fellow hunters avoid dangerous mishaps.

Only use guns that are properly maintained and registered. Gun safety is of the utmost importance. Make sure you follow firearm safety practices and carry your gun permit/license at all times. Have a detailed map. Carry a map of the area you are hunting in and review it before you leave to avoid getting lost in the wilderness. Wear the right clothing. It's best to wear bright colors, like orange and red. Don't go out in the woods in camouflage or neutral colored clothing that blends into your surroundings. Tell someone you are hunting. Always alert a family member or friend of your plans so that they know when to expect you back and seek help if you don't return in time. Bring a survival kit. Weather can change quickly in the great outdoors, so be sure to pack a survival kit that includes rope, knife, water, waterproof matches, emergency shelter, and first aid supplies.

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