How much should you earn to buy a home?

Do you ever wonder if you make enough money to buy a house? The National Association of REALTORS® mortgage site figured out how much potential homeowners should make in several cities around the U.S. The data takes into account the average price of homes in each city, as well as what the average monthly mortgage payment would be.

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The cities that require the highest salaries to afford a home:

San Francisco
Salary needed: $145,351 San Diego
Salary needed: $101,683 Los Angeles
Salary needed: $96,514 New York City
Salary needed: $92,271 Boston
Salary needed: $84,476

The cities that require the lowest salaries to afford a home:

Salary needed: $32,373 Cleveland
Salary needed: $33,909 Tampa
Salary needed: $35,732

Salary needed: $35,765

St. Louis

Salary needed: $35,800

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