Ecuador Earthquake - A 17 News special by Lori Lizarraga
  • Ecuador Special - Part 1

    April 16, 2016, a massive 7.8 earthquake has leveled many towns in the South American country of Ecuador. 17 news reporter Lori Lizarraga is visiting the country when the quake hits. A year later she returns documenting the recovery efforts.

  • Ecuador Special - Part 2

    The weeks following the earthquake were a time of chaos. A state of emergency was declared as people took to the streets begging for food and water.

  • Ecuador Special - Part 3

    The small South American country of Ecuador continues to suffer from a devastating earthquake leaving many villages in ruins. 17 News reporter Lori Lizarraga searches for a glimmer of hope for the people of Ecuador among the chaos left behind.

  • Ecuador Special - Part 4

    One year later, 17 News' Lori Lizarraga went back to Ecuador, hoping to find improvement. Instead, she was shocked at what she saw.

  • Ecuador Special - Part 5

    By now, 20 months have passed since that day in April. The people are encouraged, they have not been forgotten, and they have not given up.

The Ecuador Earthquake

In April 2016, a devastating 7.8 earthquake ravaged the small, South American country of Ecuador. The quake killed more than 600 people and left thousands homeless.

17 News reporter Lori Lizarraga was there when the earthquake hit. A year later, she traveled from Bakersfield back to Ecuador to see how the recovery process was going. What she found was disheartening. While progress is underway, recovery is slow and resources are very limited.

17 News has teamed with the Evangelical Covenant Church and Covenant World Relief to continue the recovery efforts in Ecuador. 90 percent of all donations made through this partnership will go toward The Good Samaritan program in Ecuador. This program is designed to help families rebuild their communities, create new jobs, and restart small businesses. The program also works to provide psychological, spiritual, and social care to those affected by the earthquake.

17's Lori Lizarraga will update viewers on how your donations are making a real difference in Ecuador. You can contact her with any questions at

From all of us at 17 News, thank you.


The Evangelical Covenant Church

Covenant World Relief is partnering with the Covenant church in the affected area in a long-term recovery program designed to help families find and create new jobs and small businesses. Psychological, spiritual, and social care are also available.

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