It's been 18 years and Kathleen Heisey's family and friends still cry out of for justice.

They say they aren't getting it from the Bakersfield Police Department, so they reached out to us. By the dozen. They wanted us to tell them what detectives wouldn't. They wanted us to make sure the case wasn't forgotten.

They want justice. They want to know: Who killed Kathleen Heisey?

Key Players

  • Kathleen Heisey

    Kathleen Heisey was 50 years old when she was stabbed and slashed to death in her south Bakersfield home sometime on the last two days of June, 1998. She was the divorced mother of two and a fourth-generation Kern County resident.
  • Lloyd Wakelee

    Although considered by some to be the prime suspect in the killing of Kathleen Heisey, Lloyd Wakelee has never been arrested or charged in connection with her death; Indeed, his family and his attorney said he has cooperated with police, he has an alibi, has undergone a polygraph examination and has given a DNA sample.
  • Bob Taylor

    Friends and relatives are reluctant to speak about Kathleen Heisey's relationship with a married man. They recall Heisey could be a very private person and her job required a circumspect public persona but questions about Robert Taylor are obvious.
  • Charles Curran Shannon

    Charles Curran Shannon is Kathleen Heisey's first cousin. He is a registered sex offender who was been convicted of felonies in at least three states before he moved to Mexico. He attracted the attention of Heisey investigators in 1998 because he moved into Bakersfield just before the killing and moved out just after.
  • Kevin Legg

    Starting at age 20, he patrolled the roughest parts of town in the blue uniform of the Bakersfield Police Department, racking up an impressive arrest record and never backing down from a fight. After six years in uniform, he became a detective. He was amazingly successful as a homicide investigator solving 40 of the 42 cases he worked. Heisey was one of the cases he couldn't make.
  • Timm Heisey

    Growing up with a sister and a single mother, Timm Heisey spent his whole life as the man of the house. The day after he moved out of his mother's house, she was slashed and hacked to death in a slaying so gruesome that first responders had to seek counseling. He is convinced his mother's co-worker, Lloyd Wakelee, killed her. Timm said he's not obsessed with his mother's killing and with Wakelee. Heisey prefers to say he is "relentless."
  • Lisa Heisey

    Lisa Heisey is Kathleen Heisey's daughter, who was 25 when and living in Washington State when Kathleen Heisey was killed. Lisa still lives there with her husband and her daughter – named Kathleen.
  • Kyle Humphrey

    Kyle Humphrey is a defense attorney in Bakersfield who was hired to represent Lloyd Wakelee shortly after Kathleen's death. The Wakelee's say they decided to hire Kyle after the Bakersfield Police Department search through their home and, by Debbie Wakelee's account, trashed it.
  • Greg Laskowski

    Greg Laskowski worked for the Kern County crime lab for 35 years and was one of the crime scene investigators who examined the crime scene after Kathleen was found in her Bakersfield home.
  • Lynn Runyan

    Lynn Runyan and Kathleen Heisey were lifelong friends who grew up with each other. Runyan was the last person to see Kathleen alive when she left Lynn's home on Monday June 29th around 6 pm to return to her home.
  • Carol Mehochko

    Carol Mehochko was a close friend of Kathleen Heisey and was also a teacher at Browning Road Elementary while Kathleen was principal. Kathleen told her a few weeks before the killing that she was scared Lloyd Wakelee was going to kill her in the middle of the night.