A local pastor and his son travel to Texas to help Hurricane Harvey survivors

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Called to action after Hurricane Harvey, a father and son duo say although communities are devastated, there is also a great sense of love, endurance and hope.

Angelo Frazier, a pastor at Riverlakes Community Church, and his son Josiah Frazier are on the ground in Texas, traveling from town to town helping people rebuild their lives and homes after Hurricane Harvey.

"When you see the destruction, you would think there would be a lot of anger and resentment but right now they are blessing us, they are blessing us and that is so encouraging," Angelo Frazier said.

The Fraziers saw the destruction up close in the wake of the storm. 

"Being here on a personal level and just meeting these people and hearing their stories just is the greatest and most humbling feeling in the world, and you can see behind us in the midst of just miles of destruction is miles and miles of love," the younger Josiah Frazier said.

You may remember Josiah Frazier. In June, 17 News introduced you to Stereo Citizen, an up-and-coming band based in Bakersfield. Josiah is the band's drummer. 

He dropped his sticks and headed east with his father shortly after Harvey hit. 

Expecting to find communities broken by the storm, the Fraziers say it is quite the opposite. 

"These people that are experiencing this are teaching us way more than we could ever show kindness and love to them and it's an incredible thing," Josiah said.

Angelo Frazier said the resolve of the people is inspiring. 

"You actually see the hope and determination that is rising up here, a reservoir if you will," Angelo said.

The Fraziers are helping through the Christian Housing Relief Project. 

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