Dos and Don'ts when getting a mortgage loan

Make sure you ready when it comes time to apply for a mortgage loan.
The Dos and Don'ts of trying to obtain a mortgage loan: 

Stay current on all existing credit accounts. Consider paying off more debt and putting down a smaller amount at closing. Increase the size of the down payment you're able to make by taking more time to save.

Don't apply for new credit of any kind. Don't max out or overcharge existing credit cards. Don't close credit card accounts. Doing so can affect your debt-to-available credit and can have up to 30% impact to your credit score. Don't make any adjustments or transfers in your asset pictures. Don't make any large, unexplainable deposits into your bank account. Don't make any changes to your employment or income. A change in employment or income can be the result of no longer qualifying for the mortgage loan you applied for.

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