911 tape released from shooting in northeast Bakersfield

Bakersfield police release the 911 call made from the home of Bakersfield attorney Mark Madrigali, who was arrested on suspicion of shooting his wife.
BAKERSFIELD, CA - The Bakersfield Police Department released the 911 call made early Wednesday morning from the home of Bakersfield attorney Mark Madrigali. Madrigali was arrested on suspicion of shooting his wife.
Police say they found Madrigali outside his home on Telegraph Avenue by Bakersfield College when they detained him, just before 4 a.m. Wednesday. Inside the home police found a woman, who Madrigali refers to as his wife in the 911 call, shot in the chest.

Dispatcher: "911"
Man: "Get the EMT over here. Someone's been shot! 1220 Telegraph Avenue."
Dispatcher: "1220..."
Man: "1220 Telegraph Avenue."
Dispatcher: "Someone was shot?"
Man: "Yes."
Dispatcher: "Who's been shot?"
Man: "My wife. Please come over now!"
Dispatcher: "Who shot your wife?"
(Phone disconnects)
Dispatcher: "Sir?"

That 911 call was made from the home of Bakersfield attorney Mark Madrigali at 3:45 Wednesday morning.
Madrigali was arrested and booked for attempted murder and spousal abuse.

One neighbor, Cameron Parsons, told 17 News he would see the couple together, but there were no signs they were having problems.

"Whenever I would see them they would be together. They would be leaving together and coming together, and from my perspective everything seemed pretty normal," Parsons said.

But, other neighbors say they often heard the couple fighting. Court records show Madrigali's wife filed for divorce last November. In January, her attorney asked the court to drop an order to show cause and the case ended.

Police obtained a search warrant for the home and found a small cache of weapons, twelve firearms including two semi-automatic rifles and two semi-automatic shotguns.
Criminal records show Madrigali, a D.U.I. attorney, was arrested in 2008 for driving under the influence in Marin County. Blood tests recorded his blood alcohol level at 0.16, two times the legal limit.

Madrigali's bail is set at $550,000. His arraignment is set for Friday afternoon.

Police say the victim is still in critical condition at Kern Medical Center.
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