Elusive white dog in field is finally caught

Neighbors say it was in the field off Renfro Road for many months.
Some happy news to report about a white dog that was abandoned in a field off Renfro Road in northwest Bakersfield. On Wednesday, we learned the dog, now named "Buddy," has finally been rescued.

When Annette Puskarich came to Bakersfield to visit her sister and heard the story, she set out on a mission to rescue the dog.

Buddy stayed in the field for months, like he was waiting for his owner to come back and get him.

Several people tried to catch the dog, but couldn't. Some fed him and tried to lure him to safety and a nice warm home, but Buddy would just run off. Puskarich says it took her two days and more than seven hours of coaxing the dog, but she finally prevailed.

On January 4th, Puskarich got close to Buddy feeding him hamburgers. But, he was still too skittish to bring home, so she picked up the food and decided to come back the next day.
Puskarich spent hours inching closer to the dog in the dirt. She finally got close enough to feed Buddy hot dogs. He was eating from her hand and she was able to grab his collar, but Buddy was still not ready to go.

He fought hard, chewing through three leashes before help arrived to bring Buddy to a local veterinarian. Buddy had barbed wire wrapped around his tail, but other than that he was in good health.

Buddy did not have a microchip and is now looking for a new home.

A donation account for Buddy's vet expenses has been established at http://annettepuskarich.chipin.com/buddy

If you're in fostering or adopting Buddy, send an e-mail to pleasehelpbuddy@gmail.com

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