End of longtime Bakersfield business

The Green Frog Market on Bernard Street is officially closing up shop next month.
It's the end of another longtime Bakersfield business.  Green Frog Market is officially closing up shop.

The grocery store closed their Columbus Street location in November 2011, but their Alta Vista and Bernard Street store remained open.  Now it will close up too.  The last day is set for January 13.

We spoke with customers and with a Pyrenees delivery man who says he's been delivering there for 25 years. "It's just sad to see a store like this close. There are a lot of people employed in there that have been with them for quite awhile. There's a lot of people in the area who do their shopping here and they hate to see it close down, because that's where they've done their shopping for years, generations."

Green Frog Market has served the community since 1934.

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