Family of Rosamond man who died in custody awarded $4.5 million

Family of Rosamond man who died in custody awarded $4.5 million

Jose Lucero died two years ago and his death was ruled a homicide.
The family of a Rosamond man, who died in the custody of the Sheriff's Department two years ago, has been awarded $4.5 million.

That was the decision made by a Kern County jury Tuesday in the case of 33-year-old Jose Lucero.

After his death was ruled a homicide, Lucero's family sued Kern County and the Kern County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's deputies say they responded to Lucero's home and tried to take him into custody, when a struggle ensued.

Medical aid was called, and Lucero was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Attorney Michael Curls, who represents the Lucero family, says Jose Lucero suffered from mental illness and was simply hallucinating.

"The evidence that we believe which prevailed, is that once he ran behind his father and his father moved, then one of the officers, two of the officers shot him with tasers and he went to the ground. Then the officers proceeded to beat him for numerous times and they tased him numerous times to the point where he basically died," said Curls.

As of news time Wednesday night, our calls to the Sheriff's Department and county counsel had not been returned.
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