Gas company tells family it will take 9 days to turn on gas

Gas company tells family it will take 9 days to turn on gas

The family is concerned because of the colder temperatures approaching.

We all know moving can be a tedious, back-breaking process.

But, if you forget to make a couple of phone calls before you move, it can leave you out in the cold or in the dark.

In a Contact 17 news investigation one family was told by Southern California Gas Company it would take nine days to get the gas turned on after they moved in and forgot to change the gas over from the last tenants.

The Chambers family just moved in, the heat was on, and they were excited about their new place.

But, then the heat went off. And, with a winter storm on the way it's the last thing the Chambers want to be without.

Jimmy Chambers and his family moved in to the Oildale house less than two weeks ago. With heat and the stove working when they moved in, the Chambers overlooked one thing.

"The gas was on from the previous tenants, and so they turned it off yesterday." said Jimmy Chambers.

So Chambers called The Gas Company to get it sorted out and turned back on.

But, he was told it will take nine days for someone to come out and turn it back on.

"Initial reaction was nine days! Really? You know a day or two I could understand. I have a wife and 4 kids in there, an 11-year-old, 13-year-old, 16 and 18, you know. It's my daughters 18th birthday today, cant even cook her a cake." said Chambers.

According to The Gas Company, this time of year is one of their busiest with lots of service calls and pilot lights out.

They urge people who are moving to call utility companies before your move-in date to make sure there is no lapse in service.

After talking with The Gas Company, the Chambers were able to set up a service call for Friday to turn the gas back on, much sooner than the nine days they were initially told.

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