Lamont family reunited with stolen pony

Lamont family reunited with stolen pony

A 4-year old boy says his only wish from Santa this year, was to get his pony back. With the help of a neighbor, Christmas came early for him.
The Manriquez family couldn't keep their hands off their pet pony Shadow. It has been nine days since they've last seen her.

"Someone took her away,” says 4-year-old Koen Manriquez.

The night after Thanksgiving, the family says someone cut their fence and stole shadow from their back yard. They posted flyers and told police, but didn't have any leads until late Saturday night.

Charlene Garrett, who lives two miles away from the Manriquez family, says a woman spotted shadow trotting near her house, and asked Garrett to keep it in her yard.

"We get dogs out here all the time, but never a pony,” Garrett says. “So we just brought it in and were hoping for a happy ending."

Garrett recognized shadow from the 17 News story last week.

"I never would've thought that pony on TV was going to end up on my door step," she says. “I’m just happy I could help.”

After a call to 17 News, the Manriquez family was reunited with Shadow.

"Oh, go look," says Sonni Manriquez to her sons as they run from their truck to their pony.

Koen and his 2-year-old little brother Kai couldn't wait to see Shadow with their own eyes.

“Hi Shadow,” Koen says.

Koen said all he wanted for Christmas and for his birthday in two days was Shadow.

“That's what he asked Santa for and he got her,” Sonni Manriquez says. “He told me ‘Santa's magic,’ and that’s how I feel right now, this is so amazing.”

Koen says he can't wait to play with Shadow as soon as he gets home.

“We pick apples off the tree, then I give them to Shadow," he says.

The family's thankful that Christmas came early for them this year.

"We know she's back where she belongs,” Manriquez says. “So we're all happy.”
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