Lamont man posts video of last week's deadly shooting in Lamont

Lamont man posts video of last week's deadly shooting in Lamont

Thousands of people have watched YouTube videos that a Lamont man posted of a deadly standoff in Lamont last week. The shooting locked down a neighborhood as deputies searched for the man they later shot and killed.
A Lamont man posted a seven-minute video he shot as he watched SWAT team members shoot at an armed man hiding in a trailer near his backyard. The man says he uploaded the videos to YouTube under the user name "Adam Servantes."

He says he wants to remain anonymous, but gave this account of the gunfire:

"The officers showed up. The SWAT showed up. Everybody's rushing everybody around, it's pretty hectic," he says. “The guy shot back, actually hit a SWAT member and they pretty much rushed us out. The man was trespassing in a trailer and happened to be shot and killed in the trailer that we were near."

Another video he says he shot is labeled "Lamont Shooting Aftermath." It shows a string of bullet holes on the trailer's side and blood on some boxes on top of garbage bags.

"Seeing all the bullet holes of the trailer, then they pierced through the trailer, going into the neighbors’ yards,” he says. “Then they tried to pick up all the shells and stuff, but they left a few. They left all the blood stuff like that, all the brain matter, and things on the ceiling."

Nineteen-year-old Andres Aguilar was shot and killed last Thursday after Sheriff's detectives say he shot twice at deputies during and after a traffic stop. That led to an all-night standoff that ended after deputies found Aguilar hiding in a trailer behind a home.

The Sheriff's Department wouldn't comment on the videos Wednesday saying it is still investigating.

Investigators still haven't confirmed if Aguilar died from deputies' gunshots or if he took his own life. But, a report from the Coroner's office last week says “Aguilar was shot by another."

Nine deputies are on paid administrative leave.
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