Murder suspect surrenders, but proclaims his innocence

A Bakersfield man wanted for a Halloween night killing turned himself over to police Friday, two days after he was named a suspect.

A Bakersfield man wanted for a Halloween night killing turned himself over to police Friday, two days after he was declared a suspect.

But, family and friends said Cory Hunter surrendered only to clear his name. The family told 17 News there's no way the 30-year-old was involved in the shooting of Terry Ellis. They said several witnesses, including strangers, will prove he was trick-or-treating with his kids.

"It's really tough because for him to be charged with murder, you know, that is one of the worst crimes," said Iraina Holiday, Cory Hunter's Mom.

Cory Hunter kissed his kids goodbye Friday afternoon knowing he may not see them for a while.

"It's words that you can't even describe. It's like this is a dream," said Holiday. "When are we going to wake up from this because this can't be true because he's not a bad guy. He wouldn't harm a fly."

The shooting happened in the 1500 block of Pacheco Road on October 31st, but Hunter's family said he was with his kids in a neighborhood far from the killing.

"It wasn't my son. It has to be a mistaken identity. He did not do it. He cannot be in two places at one time," said Holiday.

The family even has a letter to prove it with signatures from strangers, saying they saw Hunter in another neighborhood that night.

"The truth will come out because it's too many people that saw, talked or something with him during that time," said Rhonda Womack, Cory Hunter's aunt.

Hunter's mom and aunt said they know he's doing the right thing by turning himself in, but that doesn't make it any easier.

"It's hard, it really is. It's hard, especially when I know he was at home all day and he didn't do anything to anybody," said Holiday.

They just hope someone comes forward to clear his name before more damage is done.

"You're stopping a man from being with his kids over nothing," said Womack. "You stopped a man from enjoying Thanksgiving with his family over nothing."

Because of the holiday, 17 News could not reach the Bakersfield Police Department to find out why Hunter is a suspect.

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