Social media could come into play in a DUI case

Social media could come into play in a DUI case

18-year-old driver killed by a suspected drunk driver tweets about drinking games hours before she is killed.
There has been a social media firestorm following the crash that killed 18-year-old Breana Webb. It includes tweets on Webb's Twitter account that show she may have been drinking.

The District Attorney's office says it can't comment on this case because it's still pending but local defense attorney, David Torres, says postings on social media sites have been used as evidence before.

Messages on Breana Webb's Twitter account are still posted, showing she may have been drinking the morning of the crash. At 1:00 a.m. Monday, her tweet reads, "Dude, me and Jessica rule at drinking games." Around the same time, her friend posted this tweet that says, "Whenever Breana and I play drinking games together, we beat 'expletive.'" Both were posted just hours before Webb would climb behind the wheel of her car.

Monday night, about 200 friends remembered Breana at Riverwalk Park.

"It's just devastating," said Holly Rockwood, a friend of Breana. "It's shows what can really happen. We all need to realize what can really happen."

"It's made a huge impact," said Kelsey Scott, Breana's friend. "Everybody's been posting on Twitter and Instagram and everything for her. She's so loved and cared about. It's amazing."

Among the condolences on social media, some of Webb's friends were coming to her defense after her last tweet about drinking surfaced.

One of the tweets said, "Have some respect."

Investigators determined 33-year-old Martin Juarez caused the crash that killed Webb, saying Juarez was under the influence and crossed into Webb's path. However, local defense attorney David Torres says social media postings could be allowed as evidence in the case if it's authenticated.

"Both sides will have their re-constructionists, perhaps even toxicologists, testify as to whether or not the levels of intoxication would have had an effect, whether positive or negative, or otherwise with respect for this particular incident and how it happened," said Torres.

That means they will question if any alcohol had an effect on Webb's reflexes to move out of the way. Webb's family did not have any comment Tuesday and neither did the Juarez family.

Although a tweet from Steve Sanchez, who says he's Juarez's nephew, posted on Twitter, "My uncle killed someone" and "Sorry for what my uncle did, Breana."

"When people say once something gets out into the internet, it gets out there to the world and forever, that comment is absolutely true. So, folks had better watch out what they put on social media," warned Torres.

The Coroner's office says the cause of Webb's death should be released soon.

However, toxicology reports to show if she had been drinking and to what level, will take 90 days.
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