Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting

Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting

Police say the man was armed, but at least one witness says he wasn't.

A Bakersfield police officer shot and killed a man in east Bakersfield Tuesday evening.

Police say the man was armed, but at least one witness says he wasn't.

According to police, it started when an officer saw a man with a gun walking down the street. The officer tried to stop the man, but says he took off running. A pursuit followed and ended when the officer shot and killed the suspect.

"He was laying on the ground, face down saying 'I don't have no gun.' And, then the cop shot him about five times after he said that," said Pleasant Waddell who says he witnessed the shooting.

Bakersfield police set up a large perimeter in the area of Miller and Monterey Streets, encompassing several city blocks, after the shooting.

"Two teams of detectives here. One team will be investigating the criminal act, the other will be looking at the administration portion to make sure the officers acted within federal, state, and department policies," said Sgt. Uriel Pacheco.

Detectives say an officer noticed the suspect at Pacific and Miller Streets carrying what looked like a firearm. The officer ordered the suspect to stop. When he refused, police say the officer gave chase and shot the suspect.

"I was in my backyard. I heard five shots so I told my granddaughter to go back in the house. And, I come running toward the front of the house and I look up and see all these polices," said Clifford Brown who lives near where the shooting happened.

The suspect was taken to the hospital where he died.

Police say the suspect appeared to be armed, but one witness disputes that claim.

"You are laying face down on the ground and telling the cop that you don't have a gun, and waving your arms saying you don't have a gun and you are down on the ground. That cop doesn't need to shoot afterwards," said Pleasant Waddell.

The officer involved is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a shooting review.

The names of the officer and the 28-year-old suspect have not been released.

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