Vigil held for Lake Isabella baby

Vigil held for Lake Isabella baby

The boyfriend of the baby's mother faces murder and child abuse charges.

Family and friends gathered in Lake Isabella Tuesday evening to mourn the death of one-year-old Sophia-Lynn Taylor.

Earlier Tuesday, the man accused of killing the little girl stood before a judge to face murder and abuse charges. According to the Coroner's Office, Sophia-Lynn died of blunt force trauma. Jared Ramirez is charged with second degree murder, assaulting a child with great bodily harm, and willful cruelty to a child.

The vigil was somber and difficult for the family. Around 100 people showed up in front of Sophia-Lynn's grandmother's home to mourn the child's death. It was hard on the family, especially Amanda Reese, the girl's mother, who collapsed shortly after the vigil started.

The family was too distraught to speak with 17 News. Chaplains were on hand at the vigil to help grieving family members and friends.

"Unfortunately, this child was not only murdered, but it suffered some other traumatic treatment. Being a tight knit this community such as this is, they are extremely upset. They feel it very personally, not only what the child went through, but everybody knows the parents. They know the people involved. It's very distressing for them all the way around," said Chaplain George Ripsom.

Originally, Sophia-Lynn's mother was booked for child endangerment, but the District Attorney's office decided not to charge her.

Ramirez, the mother's live-in boyfriend, is being held on two million twenty thousand dollars bail for the death of Sophia-Lynn.

"Well, the court considers a lot of things when setting bail. But, the court doesn't assume someone is guilty. With the murder charge, there is no specific amount set on the schedule. With the second count in this case, the bail schedule is a million dollars. It's not uncommon for them to simply add a million for the murder count or a million dollars for the other count and the $20,000 they tacked on the end was the third count," said Ramirez's attorney Clayton Campbell.

Jared Ramirez's next court appearances are scheduled for March 13th and 14th.

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