Activists, community members congregate to defend DACA in Downtown Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - United Farm Workers and other groups gathered together in Downtown Bakersfield this morning to protest getting rid of DACA, before heading to Congressman Kevin McCarthy's office for a rally. 
Speaking to the media today, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez condemned the actions taken by President Trump while speaking to the media today.
"We condemn this appalling and counterproductive action," Rodriguez said. "Donald Trump is scapegoating immigrants who are already vetted by the federal government and who are not a threat to our country. Trump taking DACA away from Dreamers so he can try to deport them is heartless and immoral. Many Dreamers are farm workers who feed this nation or are sons and daughters. They are also doctors, lawyers, researches, students -- all of them supporting America."
Protesters joined a chorus of Californians speaking out against the decision.
17's Danny Freeman has more. 

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