Bakersfield residents frustrated by continued mail thefts

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Despite efforts from the Post Office, residents in Bakersfield continue to have their mail boxes broken into and their mail stolen.

One resident reported to KGET that his northwest neighborhood's mail box was completely cleaned out on Monday, and another resident said that they have received letters this week letting them know their mailboxes have been vandalized.

While this issue has occurred frequently in the past year Bakersfield residents continue to be frustrated. They say nothing is being done even as mail boxes continue to be tampered with.

Jack Palmer says he walked to his neighborhood mailbox on Monday morning to drop off a letter and found that the box had been burglarized for the fifth time in the last 12 months.

"Both of the boxes were wide open," said Palmer. "All the mail was gone that was inside, two of the three boxes are gone, everything was cleaned out completely, there's no packages, no junk mail or anything. They took everything."

Despite following directions to report the crime, Palmer said that nothing has been done and he's fed up.

"I called the federal government phone number that's on the mailboxes and filed another report," he said.

"We've filed these reports numerous times in the past year and a half and we get the same response every time, they take the report and give us a case number, and then we call back and nothing has been done.

"All they tell us is that they've escalated it to a higher level, I don't know what that means but nothing is getting done."

Meanwhile the USPS sent out a letter this week to residents in a neighborhood, alerting them that their mailbox had recently been vandalized and that their mail had possibly been stolen.

The letter encourages residents to call the Postal Inspection Service and says assistance by residents will increase the likelihood that the mail thief, or thieves, will be caught.

If you are the victim of mail theft you are asked to call the United States Postal Inspector 24-hour hotline at 877-876-2455.

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