CCW permit application requires $1 million insurance coverage

The issue of guns on campus is undoubtedly controversial. 
Starting today applications at the Kern High School Police Department are available for non-school employees with a carrying a concealed weapon permit who wish to carry their weapon on campus.
A 17 News viewer contacted our station curious about the new CCW permit for the Kern High School District. He says that in order to get the permit, the application requires the applicant to provide proof of liability insurance of at least $1 million.
Our news team reached out to Kern High School District who says the $1 million liability coverage is a requirement of the policy. 
The owner of Bear Mountain Sports, Gene Thome says that people are not usually required to carry liability insurance if they get a CCW because most people are covered by the liability clause in their homeowner's insurance. 
This school year, parents, or any non-employee with a permit to carry a concealed weapon could be allowed to carry guns on campuses in the Kern High School District, if the district approves them. 
Under the policy, Superintendent Bryon Schaefer will receive the CCW applications, but the school district has not said how they will decide who will be allowed to carry guns on campuses.
The school board is expected to address whether school staff could be permitted to carry concealed weapons on Sept. 6.


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