Civil case filed against the county and a probation officer accused of sex assault

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kim Adams, 44,  said she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her former probation officer, Reyes Soberon.

She cried as she told her story to 17 News of how she was sexually assaulted.

"He would put his heavy body on me, hold my arm and shove his tongue down my mouth," Adams said.

She said from April 2012 until Spring of 2015 Soberon raped her.

"I believe he used his power and authority to do this to me constantly," Adams said.

Soberon allegedly broke several rules like sending  texts to her personal cell phone, calling her sexy mamacita and baby doll.

"Honestly I haven't been on probation, I have been sexually assaulted, that's not probation," Adams said.

She went to jail in 2012 for burglary and was released shortly after on probation. And according to court documents Adams isn't the only one who was sexually assaulted by Soberon, there were two others. Officer Soberon is facing a felony and two misdemeanors.

Attorney Ben Meiselas represents Adams.    

"Probation had never mentioned to the public, had never discussed to the public that they had a sexual predator in their ranks, who is currently being criminally prosecuted," Meiselas said.

He said the lack of transparency in the system needs to be exposed, and  the department not notifying anyone of Soberon's arrest breaches the publics trust.

"You can molest her, you can try to cover it up but you are never going to silence her, her voice will be heard,"
 Meiselas said.

Kern County Probation gave us this response: "The Probation Department takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously and is committed to conducting a through investigation in all such matters."

"I feel angry inside and I am sad and I feel scared, but I feel like I don't want him to hurt other people," Adams said.

Soberon is out on bail and on paid leave. We reached out to Soberon's attorney, county counsel and the DA and have not heard back. Soberon is due in court Monday.

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