Day 8 of the Sabrina Limon trial

It's the eighth day of the Sabrina limon trial and the fifth day for the prosecution's star witness.   

Limon is accused of conspiring with her firefighter lover, Jonathan Hearn, to murder her husband.   

Hearn, the admitted killer, cut a deal with the prosecution in exchange for his testimony against her. 

After listening to wiretapped calls between Sabrina Limon and Jonathan Hearn for days, the tone shifted this afternoon when prosecutor Eric Smith played a recording of a call made just before the two were arrested.   

Jurors and Limon were all attentive, savoring every word that could ultimately determine whether Sabrina Limon spends the rest of her life behind bars.    

Again, the jury must decide: Was Sabrina just a victim of love gone wrong, or did she want her husband dead? 

"I honestly think they know what they're looking for and they're looking for me." Hearn tells Sabrina on the phone in one of the last conversations before the two were arrested. 

Limon reassures him that she knows he is not a murderer in a recorded call that took place hours before Hearn was arrested at his fire station and Limon was arrested at her children's elementary school.

Hearn testified that he realized investigators were closing in on him, especially after learning they had new surveillance video from the day of the crime.  

On the November 18,  2014 call, jurors heard Hearn coach Sabrina on how to handle the situation with investigators.

"Say, you know, 'Hey here's a picture of Jonathan, do you know him?' Of course don't lie, don't lie ot them," Hearn told Sabrina. "At this point especially because they're going to be bringing me in to talk to them."

In the finals calls, Sabrina and Jonathan determine that Jonathan is only a suspect because of the affair between the two. 

Today, Hearn admitted that he knew at the time, that there was a chance their phones were wiretapped. 

"You know after that initial impression that they were probably closing in one me," Hearn told prosecutor Eric Smith. "Probably a majority of the phone calls were fortified with the awareness that I was speaking to an audience, specifically this jury, or rather I should say potentially my own jury."

In another call from the morning both Sabrina and Jonathan are arrested, Hearn is heard asking Sabrina for money for an attorney to which she answers "sure".   

Prosecutor Eric Smith still has Jopnathan Hearn on the stand and Defense Attorney Richard Terry hasn't began cross examination.

The trial will not be in session Thursday and will resume Friday morning.

Watch the Day 8 of the trial here:

Day 8, Part 1
Day 8, Part 2

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