Exclusive: Juror speaks out on Sabrina Limon trial

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - The Sabrina Limon case is hands down the most infamous murder case to come out of Kern County in a decade. It's received national attention and been covered by dozens of reporters. But in all of it's coverage, there's one perspective on this case that's never been covered, until now.

17's Olivia LaVoice spoke exclusively with one of the 12 who made the decision to put Sabrina Limon behind bars most likely forever. 

"I went into the trial as a juror believing she was not guilty...as each day unfolded it just became more apparent she was involved in some way some how", said juror number six, Priscilla Phillips.

What did you think about Jonathan Hearn?
I thought he was a very educated young man, very intelligent book wise but very naive streetwise. I felt bad for him. I felt bad for everybody involved. I thought it was such a  waste of a promising life. That was one of the questions they asked us, could we believe a cold blooded murderer could tell the truth? I believed him. 

What was the most emotional testimony you heard throughout the trial?
Her children, putting her children on the stand was the hardest, the very hardest day for not just myself but for the other jurors as well...I had a hard time not crying, my heart broke for those children.

What was it like to listen to someone testify about killing someone?
It was horrific and I can't tell you that I didn't go home and have nightmares over it thinking that-i guess in my mind if you do it once you could probably do it again and I think the biggest thing I kept circling back to was the statements they made Rob Limon would rather be dead than divorced. I don't believe anyone asked him that question 

While you have such a tragic event that's changed so many people's lives forever there's also all of these salacious details that kept coming out, what was it like to sit there and listen to some people's dirty laundry that was completely exposed?
It was a little shocking. I have to say there were things that I saw and heard during that trial that I could have gone my whole life without ever being privy to.

What did you think of her testimony? 
She didn't help herself. 

Was there ever a moment where you felt you could somehow relate to her?
I'm sure that was part of the reason why a lot of us women were on there, so we could have empathy with her, but I never had that for her. I didn't sympathize with her, we live in a world where it's too easy to get up and walk away. I never felt a connection with her.

Were there any parts of the evidence that you struggled with? 
Yes we struggled with the evidence for the poisoning and the attempted murder. While I thought that it was possible she did it, there was no evidence to prove that she did it

Was there ever a point during the trial where you wavered on what you thought she should be convicted of? 
I wasn't quite sure she should be charged with first degree murder but i believe she was the mastermind behind the whole thing.

What was it like when it was time to make a decision?
It was rough, it was hard because you're deciding the fate of someone's life, and you're affecting not just them, you're looking at the big picture...Somebody is going to be hurt no matter what more than they already were. 

What were the emotions like inside the jury room?
Nobody disagreed. No juror had to be swayed one way or the other. We talked about the kids and what it was going to do to them to find their mom guilty. We talked about how horrific that was going to be for them...

What was it like standing there when the verdict was read? 
I wanted to cry. I want to cry now. I mean such a senseless loss of a life when you could have just simply walked away. It's not easy to go in there and for 12 people to say you're guilty. It's a burden.  I've thought about it everyday. 

Is there any message you'd want to give Rob Limon's family?
I hope we gave you a measure of peace.

What would you want to say to anyone who knows and loves Sabrina?
I don't think they were listening to the same evidence we were listening to. I know we find it hard to believe that our loved ones can do things wrong, but we all have a side that people don't believe can be there and i'm sorry for their loss as well.

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