GOP postpones healthcare bill vote in light of McCain's eye surgery

WASHINGTON D.C. - The GOP health bill has been in the making for awhile and this isn't the first time that plans have been postponed.
There is a lot of pressure on the GOP to deliver a bill that will uphold its promises.
The question is will this setback be a step up in the voting process.
President Donald Trump is in Washington as his promise to get rid of Obamacare is delayed after yet another block in the road.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell deferred the vote on the GOP's newest Obamacare replacement plan following Arizona Senator John McCain's unscheduled surgery last Friday.
Every vote counts for republicans. 
McConnell is waiting until McCain returns to Washington to include his vote.   
Not everyone is on board.
Two republicans said they don't approve the senate's current version.
Only three "no" votes are needed for the bill not to pass.
Some republicans are concerned with the impact it will have on their poorest constituents and the consequences for people on Medicaid.
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says the bill doesn't differ enough from Obamacare.
President Trump mentioned the recent plan in his weekly address.
He has not made a statement on this postponed agenda.
President Trump is dubbing this week "Made in America Week," showcasing products made in all 50 states.
He also tweeted last night that he is focused on trade, the military, and security.

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