A couple accused of murdering a woman during an argument came face to face with her family

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A couple accused of murdering a woman during an argument came face to face with her family. They appeared in court Tuesday for a procedural hearing. When their families crossed paths outside the court house, emotions ran high. 

Richelle carter is devastated by the loss of her cousin. Carter said, "Kristin didn't deserve this. Kristin was the most loving, caring person."

Cori Cotton, 33, is accused of shooting Kristin Goldsberry, 39, in the head during an argument in a remote area of the southern end of the Sierra-Nevada mountains, east of Bakersfield. What led up to the argument is unclear. 

Cotton's boyfriend, Bret Stroud, 56, is accused of helping cotton bury Goldsberry's body in a shallow grave. They've both pleaded not guilty to various charges. Stroud is out on bail. 

Carter said, "He took the cops to where her body was, the gun was and they let him bail. That is sick."

Investigators said Cotton shot at Goldsberry's boyfriend as well, but he escaped unharmed. Family members said he ran from the couple, hiding in the mountains for a couple days before he was able to reach help.      

When Stroud came into the crowded courtroom Tuesday morning for a scheduled hearing, he was ushered into a seat next to Goldsberry's family -- and her boyfriend -- creating tension in the courtroom. 

Cotton is still in jail. Her family showed up as well. When both families left the court house -- the tension overflowed. 

Cotton and Stroud both previously denied our request to interview them. Their preliminary hearings were rescheduled for next month. 

Family members tell us Goldsberry's body was transported to Sacramento, where her mother lives. Her funeral will be held Friday. 

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