Bombshell opening statements in love triangle murder case

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - A jury heard explosive opening statements today in the love triangle murder case against Sabrina Limon who is accused of conspiring to kill her husband with her firefighter lover. 

It was tense and emotional as the prosecutor told jurors that Robert Limon-a husband and father was murdered in cold blood so his wife could be with her lover, and get $300,000 in life insurance money. When Limon's attorney had the floor, he described how Robert and Sabrina's swinger lifestyle had taken a toll on her. He said she was vulnerable and found her way into the arms of Jonathan Hearn, who decided on his on that her husband had to die. 

Both sides gave their opening statements to a jury made up of mostly women. Prosecutor Eric Smith read several text messages between Sabrina Limon and her former lover, Jonathan Hearn.

"26 days after Robert had been killed 'baby I love you so much' that's with 11 O's, that's how much she loved him. Moving onto October 5 2014; 'baby you are my partner in this life to live for God-I am so ready to live life fully with you. I will wait on God's time and trust in his plan but I am ready for us'", said Smith. 

Defense attorney Richard Terry told jurors Robert and Sabrina Limon had a unique marriage. 

"There's been a lot of talk about this case being a love triangle case-and it's not a love triangle, I would call it more of a love polygon, it has so many sides it's not limited to just three people", said Terry. He said that had a big effect on Sabrina's affair with Jonathan Hearn. 

"Because of the relationship-open marriage lifestyle they were living, Sabrina began to feel less and less important and special to her husband and she became enamored with the attention from Jonathan, this younger man, this intelligent man, she fell in love with that feeling. Someone who loved all of her-not just as some sex toy her husband kind of passed around", said Terry. 

Prosecutor Eric Smith told jurors that yes, Jonathan Hearn shot Robert Limon-but Sabrina put the plan into motion. "The evidence will show that Robert Limon was killed for money. Evidence will show that he was killed to replace him as the father of Leanna and Robby, so Leanna and Robby could be brought up by Godly parents. You will hear that Robert Limon was removed as a husband, the leader of the house, by both Sabrina and Jonathan-again this was their plan, this was their purpose", said Smith. 

The defense fired back: "the only evidence the people have is Jonathan Hearn-an admitted cold-blooded, calculating killer-who stalked her husband and killed him." 

Terry continued:"hes highly intelligent and he manipulated Sabrina Limon and he knew Sabrina was never going to divorce Robert, so he had to have her, she had to be his-and in his mind the only way to have her was to get rid of Robert. She'd never leave Robert because ultimately she loved her husband."

Sabrina Limon is facing a fire-degree murder charge, although she isn't the one who actually carried out the murder. Jonathan Hearn, who's admitted to pulling the trigger, is charged with voluntary manslaughter as part of a plea deal, in exchange for his testimony against his former lover. That's what the family of the victim, Robert Limon, wanted. They care much more about Sabrina spending the rest of her life behind bars, as she's the one they spent holidays with, and she she's the one took a vow to love Robert Limon until death do them part. 

We will be back in court tomorrow morning. 

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