BPD: Beloved Chef shot minutes after walking into home of the mother of his children around six a.m.

911 call sheds light on fatal shooting of local chef, Ray Ingram

BAKERSFIELD CA - It was still dark outside when Ray Ingram pulled into Michaele Bowers driveway around six yesterday morning. About 10 minutes later, a breathless Bowers asks 911 operators for help. Next-Ingram was found dead in a bedroom and Bowers was taken into custody. But what happened when Ingram walked into her home that morning, and why he was there in the first place, still remains a mystery.

In a chilling 911 call, Michaele Bowers is heard telling dispatchers she has an emergency at her home. When the caller asks if she needs police or medial she says both. When the dispatcher asks what happened, Bowers says "there was an altercation. I just need the police. If anyone can come please come right now." 

The dispatcher asks again what's going on, Bowers responds "just please bring the police", and the line goes dead. Although it isn't heard in that 911 call, a dispatcher is heard saying through scanner traffic "a female states she shot her husband", and medical aid are directed to Bowers home. 

"A lot of people talk, but Ray was the type of person...he was a doer. He actually touched people's lives when other people just talk about touching people's lives", says Monte Wilson, Ingram's friend of 20 years. Just like the police, Wilson also has no idea what led to Ingram's killing. "I don't think anybody does...I guess we'll all see one day what happens, but the thing is he's not here to tell his side of the story. So you know, we'll hear her side of the story soon", says Wilson. 

Although investigators know Ingram and Bowers had children together who are adults now, they're in the dark on if the pair were still romantically involved when Bowers allegedly shot Ingram. "I don't know exactly what their status was, I do know that they were off and on for several years", says Wilson. 

What investigators do know is that Ingram came to Bowers home around six a.m., they believe just before the shooting. But they're still wondering why he was there in the first place. 

Meanwhile, those who knew and loved Ingram are focused on remembering his life, not just his tragic death. "That's what I would take from at the end of the day. He always talked about the future and he always looked towards a bright future", says Wilson. 

Investigators say they still don't know what the motive is behind the shooting. Michaele Bowers is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. 

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