22-year-old brews a different coffee experience in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - You see them everywhere in Kern County - tacos, hot dogs, burritos - big box trucks serving the masses.

But 22-year-old Morgan Burnard has never been one to think inside the box, instead she has poured her passion into a trailer serving a special brew. 

Her customers line up for inspired coffee flavors that are on tap, but patrons can get a whole lot more than just a cup of joe.

"An experience - the customer service, the atmosphere," Burnard said.

That atmosphere is highlighted in Burnard's boutique coffee trailer providing intimate seating.

"I love that it's so different," Burnard said. "I like doing different things and seeing people's reaction."

"She's always had that creative streak and wanted to do things different and unique," Burnard's mother, Joy Short said.

When it came to naming the mobile business - Burnard turned to special guidance  - she turned to her faith. 

"I decided to name it Cloud 9 for a few different reasons - the most important - First Thessalonians 4:17 which talks about joining the lord in the air and so that's kind of like the background motivation for it," Burnard said. 

That motivation also percolated into an inspirational selection of menu items.

"The Julep is super good. It's a mint, basil espresso based drink. It's over ice and that's our top seller and it's just, it's the bees knees," Could 9 barista Kelsey Giebelstein said.

"Companies are their very best when the people behind them are passionate about what they're doing," Burnard said.

The Cloud 9 Coffee trailer can be found outside the Stockdale Tower Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and around town on the weekends.

You can stay social with Cloud 9 to learn more about what's brewing through Facebook and Instagram.

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