$50,000 reward offered for information in teen's murder

Wesley Davis says he believes an arrest should've been made in son's case

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - This Sunday will mark the 11th anniversary of 16-year-old Wendale Davis's murder. Since then, his father has dedicated his life to trying to prevent violence in our community. But, he still holds out hope that one day, an arrest will be made in son's case.

For decades, gang members have killed other gang members in cold blood, often with no legal resolution. But Wendale Davis's case is different. Wendale was a high school student with aspirations of becoming a firefighter. Police believe his life was cut short simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

"There's not an hour that goes by where my son doesn't cross my mind", says Wesley Davis, Wendale's father. 

It's been 11 years since Wendale was shot in the head after he was approached by a group of strangers while he sat in the car with a female friend. Police believe gang members mistook the teenager for a rival gang member when they opened fire. 

"We're 11 years in and no closer today than we were April 23rd 2006, that's a problem in such a small community", says Davis. 

Since the murder, Wesley Davis, created a foundation in his son's honor to prevent gang violence and mentor youth. John Walsh has traveled to Bakersfield and featured the case on America's Most Wanted. The family has also raised $50,000 for a reward.

"There's been much information on the table, much information has come forward, and I personally believe that an arrest should've been made", says Davis. He says he's felt they've known who was responsible since day one.

Davis thinks legally more can be done to prosecute gang members by working with federal agents and pursuing federal charges, a method seen in the 1980's during the war on drugs. 

"We need a little more leverage here, because to me we're losing the battle so far", says Davis. 

Throughout the past 11 years, Davis has experienced times of deep pain.

"You just really feel like you don't want to live, and that's not being hopeless, that's being real", says Davis. 

But in addition to working to spread change, Davis holds onto the good memories he shared with his son. 

"He and I went to church together and shared such an intimate moment of communion. We washed one another's feet as Christ did with his disciples. We did that, we had that moment, just hours before he was murdered", says Wesley. 

Bakersfield Police say there is at least one eyewitness to the murder who they believe has information. If you have information on the case you can call BPD at 327-7111, or Secret Witness at 322-4040. 

The Davis family is still offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in Wendale's case. 


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