Accomplice in robberies that led to officer involved shooting speaks out from jail

Andrew Crotwell gives his version of events of fatal officer involved shooting

Bakersfield, CALIF - Andrew Crotwell and Rojelio Landa were partners in crime. It was their way of making a living. But their partnership was cut short Tuesday night after Landa was shot and killed by Bakersfield Police. From behind bars, Crotwell admitted he and Landa were criminals, but he said police overreacted when they shot and killed his friend. 
Crotwell and Landa were two men who bonded over a life of crime. "I just met him one day and we started talking about how to make money, and I had this BB gun and one thing led to another. Talking ended up being something serious", said Crotwell. 
Crotwell, who calls Landa, "Tito", says the two men robbed a market Tuesday because Landa said he was hungry and he wanted to buy some dope. Hours later, the men found themselves in a high speed chase with police, that ended in a crash at Hudson Place and Greenfield Park Drive. 
"It was immediate. We crashed, gun shots rang, I heard him grunt, and I got out and ran", said Crotwell. 
Crotwell acted out his version of events: "Smack, pop pop pop. I got out and I ran and that was it. Where'd he go?  Where'd he go?", said Crotwell, as he described the cops looking for him. 
He said Tito, his partner, didn't get far before he heard shots fired. "Once his first foot hit the ground they shot him."
Crotwell kept running, but was apprehended not long after. "One of the officers walked up and said in my ear, 'so you like pointing guns at people mother f***er? And he dropped a knee on me", said Crotwell. 
Crotwell says he doesn't understand why police felt they had to shoot his partner. 
"I don't think anybody deserved to die. Yea we were in the wrong, we deserved whatever sentence we were gonna get for the robberies, but he didn't deserve a life sentence", said Crotwell.
I asked Crotwell if he understood that running from police put him at risk for getting shot, he replied "No. They're not supposed to do it like that, they're not supposed to shoot to kill. How many shots they got? Two, and he died. They couldn't shoot him in the leg? Those were straight face shots, they were aiming for the head."
I asked Crotwell, "do you not consider him and yourself dangerous?" 
"I had a BB gun", replied Crotwell. 
"Sure, but you still robbed businesses", I said to Crotwell. 
"I wasn't out to hurt anybody but I see what you're saying. I don't like guns", said Crotwell. 
At the end of the day, Crotwell says he's gotten to this point because of drugs. 
"I just always seem to end up right back here. I know these guys by names, all the officers here. They know me by name. I got a job waiting for me when I go back to the farm. That ain't the job I want man", said Crotwell, referring to prison as "the farm". 
Crotwell and Roejlio Landa's girlfriend, Anita Carvajal, who was a passenger in the car, were both booked on a murder charge because Landa died during the commission of a felony they committed. Crotwell says he thinks that is ridiculous. 

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