Accused murderer in liquor store shootout has made headlines before

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It was a chaotic violent scene when gunfire rang out at the Payless Liquor store. Two men were shot. Officers say one man is a victim, the other, a murderer. The parents of the victim had lost another son to a recent shooting, and the suspect, who's officially been charged with murder-has made headlines before.
It was an all too familiar nightmare for the Ali family. Court documents say Ali Ali was working at Payless Liquor, his family's business, on Cottonwood Road and Casino Street, when Lonnie Haynes Jr. burst in and began shooting. Warrants say Haynes had been kicked out of the store for being too drunk, and he immediately threatened to kill employees.
Documents say, on July 19, Haynes made good on this threats, shooting up the inside of the store. Experienced in running a store on Cottonwood Road, Ali was ready. He returned fire.
Haynes fled the store, just as Ali watched his brother, 25-year-old Tarek Ali pull up in his car on the surveillance monitor. Ali watched his brother attempt to hit Haynes with his car, and a second gun-battle broke out between Haynes and Tarek Ali. The pair shot each other multiple times. Tarek Ali died on scene.
Haynes was rushed to the hospital. Hayes was found with two guns, and a machete like knife. He was wearing a bullet proof vest.
Just a year earlier, Ali's brother, 25-year-old Saddam mulish Ali was shot and killed in Central Bakersfield, walking down the street with his wife, as he pushed his baby's stroller.  Two men were arrested for the homicide.
Meanwhile, the suspect in Tarek Ali's homicide, Lonnie Haynes Jr., is still in the hospital but expected to survive. Haynes has a long rap sheet, and in 2010, 17 News captured a bizarre scene where deputies responded to reports of a man high on drugs. When they got to the residence, Haynes' dog went after a deputy, who shot the dog. The dog had to be euthanized as a result of his injuries. 
Officers say Haynes reacted by assaulting his paralyzed father-and threatened officers, which Haynes denied. 
"How in the hell I'm gonna threaten to shoot anything. Police shot my dog for nothing", said Haynes in 2010 as he was being put inside a sheriff's car.      
In that case, Haynes was charged with elder abuse, resisting arrest, and being under the influence of PCP. 
Two years later the Haynes family was in the news again, after Lonnie Haynes Jr.'s son, Lonnie Haynes III, was driving under the influence and crashed his car, killing his passenger , and 4 year old stepson. Haynes III was sentenced to 13 years in prison. 
Officers say Lonnie Haynes Jr. will be taken into custody when he's released from the hospital. The man's father told 17 News that Haynes is a good man who struggles with mental illness.


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