Anita Hill hosts talk at Bakersfield College

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - March is Women's History Month and Thursday marked International Women's Day.

This month, Bakersfield College is celebrating women with a series of talks. Thursday the college held a talk hosted by Anita Hill.

Hill first made her name known in 1991 when she publicly accused her former boss, then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment. Thomas denied the allegations, and, after a series of congressional hearings, he was confirmed to the nation's highest court.

Since then, Hill has fought tirelessly for equality, as a professor of social policy, law and women's studies at Brandeis University.

It was a packed room at BC's Edward Simonsen Theater as Hill took the stage more than 25 years after she was in the national spotlight.

"1991," Hill said. "That's the elephant in the room, let's be honest."

Hill hosted a talked titled "Reimagining Equality: Inclusive Communities in Post-Obama America".

"I'm very pleased to hear her talk about all the issues that she's concerned about," attendee Nancy Hine said. "To just get to know her a little better and know what all are forefront issues in the current universities."

"I think she has a really inspirational story and I love that she's talk ing about race relations and post-Obama America because I feel like that is a really important topic," attendee and BC student Rachel Khan said. "Just kind of keep the discussion going especially in a time like this."

Everything from age, to race, to sexual harassment was addressed.

"I am who i am," Hill said. "I am my history, I am my family, I am my race, I am my gender. I am all of those things."

It seemed only fitting the talk fell on International Women's Day.

"I think it's important to be here," attendee Edgar Aguilasocho said. "To hear from such a historic figure that was able to speak truth to power in a difficult time, has meant so much to empower women in the United States"

BC will host its next event for Women's History Month on Monday. 

The event will be a film and discussion panel with Dolores Huerta and several of her adult children.

For a full list of events and resources click here.

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