Bizarre break-in allegedly fueled by man's fetish for female attorneys

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - A man is in custody accused of breaking into the public defender's office, and as investigators put it, expressing his obsession with female attorneys and police officers. 

Around 10 pm on October 3, court documents say 36-year-old David Leblanc broke into the Kern County Public Defender's office and stole two thousand dollars worth of property. 

"Well, we were shocked. It was looks like he just browsed through numerous offices at his leisure for hours", said Dominic Eyherabide, the chief assistant public defender. 

Court documents say Leblanc also wrote sexually explicit messages on papers and calenders in several female attorneys' offices. Documents also say Leblanc allegedly performed a sex act in the office of a female public defender he knew from a prior court appearance. 

He also posted lewd comments from an attorney's Facebook page and donated $4,000 to a Go Fund Me Account through the attorney's Paypal account. 

Documents say Leblanc "expressed his fetish-like sexual obsession with professional women, citing both attorneys and law enforcement officers as the objects of his arousal." 

"Clearly that was kind of the eerie part of this thing was the fascination with some of the female officers", said Eyherabide.

Investigators say Leblanc alluded to him intentionally getting arrested to "feed that obsession" and indicated that he knew where several female public defenders lived. Leblanc also allegedly made sexual advances to one of the female officers during his arrest. 

Documents say Leblanc was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. 

During his arraignment, Leblanc yelled profanities in the courtroom, ending in him being led out by officers. 

A judge set Leblanc's bail at one million dollars after officers said he was a threat to public safety. 

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