Bootsy finds a forever home

Seniors who fostered Bootsy had a hard time letting him go

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - He's been adopted! 

Bootsy, the shelter dog chosen to participate in the never before done Senior K9 Adoption Program, has found a forever home. 

"I wanted to adopt him. I knew he needed a loving home and I knew my daughters and I could give him a loving home," said Melissa Roberts. 

It's a bittersweet time. 

Bootsy is leaving behind his foster friends and they are terribly sad to see him leave, but they're tremendously happy to see him go live with the Roberts.

"She just seemed so sincere and so excited," said Valerie Miller, a participant in the Senior K9 Adoption Program. 

The residents met with the Roberts family, eventually voting on whether or not to let Bootsy go.

"Oh, that was hard, but see, I knew when she walked in and started petting him, I knew she was the one," said Sharon Stewart, another participant in the adoption program. 

"I'm just glad that they chose us to bring him into our family to give him lots of love," Roberts said. 

The residents at the Rehabilitation Center of Bakersfield cared for Bootsy in everyway, nursing him back to health all by themselves. 

"I'm really proud of our residents.  When we got Bootsy he was actually 11 and a half pounds.  Within like two or three weeks he was like 16 and a half pounds," said Rush Melliti, an administrator at the Rehabilitation Center of Bakersfield.

Bootsy gave the residents purpose. 

"Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you can't have meaning and purpose to your life," said Mike Wasserman, CEO of Rockport Healthcare Services.

"It gave me a lot of purpose, a lot of purpose," Stewart said. 

"It's wonderful because we just live here, you now we exist from day to day and this gives us something to do, to be proud of," Miller said. 

Although Bootsy is leaving, the Senior K9 Adoption Program is far from over. 

"There has to be a beginning and this is a beginning and we can go on and on and someday when all of us are gone we'll be remembered for our love for our doggies," said Ron Langworthy, another program participant. 

The residents are already looking into another senior shelter dog to foster and find a home for.

The program was such a success it's set to begin in another nursing home in Pasadena soon. 

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