CALM's Wildlife Veterinary Clinic helps hundreds of animals each year

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Owls, kit foxes and geese fill the cages at CALM's Wildlife Veterinary Clinic.

It is designed for animal rehabilitation specific to our state's native wildlife.

CALM interim curator Sharon Adams says the clinic takes in animals that are injured, ill or orphaned and cannot survive on their own in the wild. 

"Broken wings, broken legs, attack from another animal, a cat, a dog, hawks get into fights occasionally hit by a car or illnesses," Adams said. "We do have secondary poisoning cases that come in. We get animals that have been shot that come in and we also get animals that have maybe not been shot but they've eaten an animal that has been shot and have lead poisoning."

The clinic is set up to do basic first aid like wrap broken limbs and clean and dress minor wounds.

For more intensive care, like pinning a broken wing, animals are sent out to a vet.

"Once they are past treatment they will go to an outdoor cage where they will reacclimate to the weather," Adams said. "If it had a broken wing or a broken leg they'll get to stretch out and start getting those muscles ready to be released and then we will release them within a 10 mile radius of where they were found, so they are going back to the same territories they came from."  

The clinic has taken in 627 animals so far this year. Last year they had just under 800.

If you find an animal that may need help, Adam said the first thing you should do is call CALM to see if the clinic can take that species.

If they cannot they will give you information on what you should do next.

The number to call is 872-2256



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