Charges refiled against defendant in Jonathan Dean murder

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - An update now to a story we brought you earlier this week about the murder case of Jonathan Dean, the man who prosecutors say was gunned down by his teenage friends-who were hired by his adoptive father to kill him in cold blood.
On Monday, prosecutors dropped charges against one of the defendants, but refiled the charges the same day. 
Summer 2014, Jonathan Dean was driving to Sonic with 16-year-old Gabriel Rodriguez, a neighbor and family friend of the Deans. That's when prosecutors say, Rodriguez pulled out a 9mm pistol and shot Jonathan dean in the head, killing him. The 29-year-old had been training to become a correctional officer.
Prosecutors believe a then 16-year-old Rodriguez was offered $20,000 to kill Jonathan Dean-by none other than Jonathan Dean's adoptive father, George Dean. They believe Rodriguez conspired with a then 17-year-old timothy hill, and a then 22 year old Eric Gonzalez to plan the hit.
Prosecutors believe George Dean was the mastermind. He had a $270,000 life insurance policy on the 29-year-old victim.
Detectives also discovered that  63-year-old George Dean was having a sexual relationship with the 16 year old gunman, Gabriel Rodriguez.
Eric Gonzalez, Gabriel Rodriguez, Timothy Hill, and George Dean were all initially charged with first degree murder-but last year Dean took a plea deal for six years and eight months. The year prior, Timothy Hill's case was settled in juvenile court. 
Last December, because of prop 57-Gabriel Rodriguez's case was brought into juvenile court. However prosecutors say a hearing this October will determine if he can be transferred back to adult court.
That's why charges were dropped against Eric Gonzalez-but then refiled that same day. Prosecutors say the case was refiled in order to make it possible for both Gonzalez and Rodriguez to be tried together, if Rodriguez's case is sent back to adult court.
Meanwhile, the DA's office and Bakersfield Police are still investigating the homicide of Jonathan Dean's disabled brother, Nick Dean. Both boys were adopted by George Dean. After George Dean's arrest, Nick Dean was put into the custody of his adoptive sister, Jessica Dean.
The coroner said Dean had been strangled, and the wheelchair bound man, who family says has the mind of a child, had heroin in his system. No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed. 

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