Department of Human Services to hold JobFest event in Lamont Thursday

LAMONT, Calif. - The annual Jobfest series is underway throughout Kern County and this Thursday, job seekers will flock to Lamont for the second one this year.

Tomorrow, potential job candidates from the tri-area of Lamont, Arvin and Frazier Park will gather in Lamont for Jobfest  through the Kern County Department of Human Services.

More than 30 employer vendors from across the county will be there looking for their next new hire. The unemployment rate in Kern county is just over 10 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"I don't think we can ever eliminate the unemployment rate in Kern County. I think with the efforts we continue to do in what we have been doing and continue to learning and improving on the job fest I think we're going to make a good dent on it," said George Frayre, job coordinator with the Kern County Department of Human Services.

The Kern County Department of Human Services has held its Jobfest series for close to 10 years and in the outlining areas of Lamont, Arvin and Frazier Park with the event is going on its fifth year.

"When you have some of these remote areas out here sometimes transportation is an issue so we have not had those job seekers being able to travel to those prior events. If we put it together in all the different districts throughout kern county is where we have found out we are able to connect those job seekers with the employers," said Frayre.

Those employers include "Grimmway Farms, Bolthouse Farms as well. Some of the staffing agencies, Exact Staff, Placement Pros, that work along with IKEA over the Lebec area," said Frayre.

Frayre explains the difference between a Jobfest and a job fair.

"It's similar to a job fair. The only difference between a job fest and the job fair is that every employer that we have out here is hiring; is currently hiring for some time of position," said Frayre.

Frayre encourages candidates to arrive to the Jobfest dressed to impress and bring at least 20 copies of their most recent resume with them.

"They can expect meeting those employers, introducing themselves and hopefully making that connection for employment," said Frayre.

The Jobfest in Lamont is tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon at the David Head Center at 10300 San Diego Street in Lamont. Parking and admission is free to all those who attend. Bilingual services are available for candidates. The next Jobfest is scheduled for March 9 in Mojave.

For a complete list of upcoming Jobfest dates and locations, visit

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