Easter Sunday celebrations in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Easter Sunday is a special time for many Kern County residents as they are reminded of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. From cavernous churches to the intimate setting of a living room, people around Bakersfield celebrated Easter surrounded by family, friends and the Holy Spirit.

It was a packed house at the Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Central Bakersfield as people joined together to celebrate Easter. Mass started as early as 6 a.m. as parishioners commemorated the day that Jesus was resurrected.

Friends and family embraced one another as they reflected on the holiday.

"Seeing all the people here is such a joyous occasion," Rachel Kennedy said. "Especially seeing all the children."     

Some sought the reaffirmation of their faith, while others looked for sanctuary from tough circumstances.

"Just lost my great uncle last night, so coming here was really good," Ashleymarie Livey said. "Coming to church gives me hope. I feel safe here."

In Northwest Bakersfield, a significantly smaller gathering took place at a home that doubles as an assisted living facility. 98-year-old Sam Rutan is a World War II veteran, retired minister and uncle of decorated air force pilot Dick Rutan. He led the Easter service for his housemates, but that's just one of his many talents on easter.

"Last year I married somebody at my age, which i enjoyed," Rutan said. "Yeah, I still have most of my marbles."

Easter isn't the only time Rutan preaches. Every Sunday, he leads similar services at his assisted-living home.

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