Families try to rebuild after fire in Oildale took everything

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Families displaced by the Willow Fire in Oildale are trying to move past the devastation, but with nothing left. 

With no vehicles, tools, even shoes, it's a hard road to recovery. 

As the fire grew on Willow Drive in Oildale Monday afternoon, two families lost everything they had. Everything but each other. 

For Elijah Gonzales, his fiance and nextdoor neighbors - the Johnson Family - the hardest part of starting over will be clearing away the burned rubble where their homes once stood. 

The families will have to remove melted vehicle and tractor frames, tools and more before they can rebuild, but everything they need to clear their properties and rebuild was lost in the fire. 

"We moved out here like four or five months ago, expecting to start a live over here," Gonzales said. "We are getting married next year. Or, supposed to be getting married next year in April, but do to this most likely going to have to postpone it, push it back, but we were excited. We lost pretty much everything, but we have each other and that's really what matters."

The families are accepting any donations at this time, from hammers and nails to lumber and fencing. 

The Johnson family is also looking for a home for their beloved pot belly pig. 

The family does not have a place to keep their pet and is looking for someone who can properly care for her. 

Willow Stables in Oildale is helping board some of the horses displaced by the fire and is collecting hay, feed and everything from halters to saddles for the families. 

The North High School FFA program is also collecting items for the families. 

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