FBI investigating Delano armed robbery alongside police

DELANO, Calif. - A much calmer scene Thursday morning at the Delano Chase Bank, compared to the day prior when police cars filled the lot. 

Officers are looking into a robbery of the driver of a Brinks armored car making an ATM delivery at the bank, with the FBI officially joining the investigation. 

Close to 11:00 AM Wednesday, three armed suspects stole a money bag from the Brinks truck driver, according to police.

"They bound his hands and robbed him of his money," explained Sergeant Larcellus Scott.

While no one is in custody at this point for the crime, despite request the Delano Police Department has yet to release suspect or vehicle information. 

"We've reviewed video, and we are collecting video from other businesses in the area," Scott said Wednesday.

Many of the nearby businesses we spoke with, said their cameras were not working that morning. 

A local Brinks employee told 17 News some are concerned over the company's one man ATM delivery policy and its safety.

The worker said managers assured employees Wednesday that such one man routes are quote "here to stay."

A corporate Brinks spokeswoman said the company is aware of the details of the robbery and is deciding whether they will release a statement.

The spokeswoman said any information concerning the security of having just one driver handling large sums of ATM deposit cash would be included in the statement. 

As of news time, no statement arrived. 

Police said this was not a crime they see very often. 

The Delano Chase Bank on Main Street was back open Thursday and a corporate representative said while they are cooperating fully with investigators, they do not comment on robberies. 

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