Flooding comes to Bakersfield after season's first big storm

A Bakersfield neighborhood submerged gets drained by the city

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For many, including people who live off of Valley Springs Ave just south of Valley Plaza Mall, Tuesday was about wading through floodwater.

Cristian Alvarez was not surprised when he stepped out of his house this morning.

"It happens almost every time it rains, it gets flooded right here," said Alvarez.

Alvarez's neighborhood was one of many areas across Bakersfield and Kern filled with water after Tuesday morning's rain.

CalTrans and the City of Bakersfield were out in force pumping water from flooded areas back into storm drains, clearing leaves and debris from those drains to allow water to flow.

"It was kind of the perfect combination for some flooding," said Bakersfield's Assistant Public Works Director Stuart Patteson believes his team of street crews did a good job anticipating the rain fall, and cleaning it up afterwards.

A city crew arrived to Alvarez's neighborhood around noon and got to work.

They snaked a tube called a "hydro-jetter" through a drain to clear any blockages.

Alvarez watched on hopeful.

Cristian Alvarez's street is cleared of water now, as the city promised.

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