Former firefighter admits praying to God moments before pulling the trigger in deadly love triangle

Sabrina Limon's former lover testifies against her in preliminary hearing

BAKERSFIELD, CA - It's the case of a wife and her boyfriend accused of killing her husband- with allegations of swinging couples, key witnesses sleeping with the victim, and poisonous pudding. The murder case of Robert Limon gets more strange and dramatic as details of this complex deadly love triangle emerge and day two of Sabrina Limon's preliminary hearing was no exception.
It was an emotional and very tense day in court as admitted killer Jonathan Hearn told a spellbound courtroom how he and his girlfriend, Sabrina Limon, plotted to kill her husband.
Hearn, now the prosecutions' star witness against Limon told a judge he killed a neighbors dog as he experimented with poison intended for Limon's husband. He said he offered a silent prayer just before he pulled the trigger, killing Robert Limon. When court adjourned, one of Robert Limon's relatives said out loud, "she had a spell over him."
In chilling testimony,  Jonathan Hearn calmly described how he said a little prayer before he walked into the Tehachapi rail yard building where Robert Limon was working alone in 2014. Inside the building,  wearing a Halloween mask, he shot Limon.
He said he emptied office drawers and took a laptop to make the killing look like a robbery, and then he shot Limon a second time to make sure he was dead. After, he continued to pray often, asking for forgiveness and for God's help in avoiding arrest.
In a recording of a phone call, the admitted trigger-man is heard praying "God please help have a purpose for us", after Sabrina Limon tells him detectives want to speak with her. 
Sabrina Limon's attorney, Richard Terry, cross examined heard with words straight from the bible, listing some of the ten commandments, regarding adultery and thou shall not kill...hearn had little to say in response. 
Hearn, a former firefighter, read a 2014 Valentines Day love letter from Sabrina, where she tells him never to forget the two were made for each other. But today he said Sabrina manipulated him during the affair, a mix of lust and love...he said it was all a slippery slope. 
Limon's defense fired back, asking him if Sabrina had some type of voodoo magic or had hypnotized him. Her defense told him, it was you who bought the poison, it was you who put the poison in the pudding, and it was you who did the killing. 
Her defense also said not only did Hearn never say a word to detectives until learning of a possible plea deal, but that Hearn had also found out  that Sabina Limon had started seeing another man while Hearn sat in jail. 
The defense asked Judge Brownlee to dismiss all charges against Limon, claiming there's no evidence other than Hearn's word that she helped plan the murder. The judge declined and said there's enough evidence to go forward with a trial against her. At this point in the court room friends and family of Robert Limon cheered and burst into tears of joy at the same time, it was an incredibly emotional moment as the courtroom was packed with his supporters. 

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