Former KHSD police chief files suit against district

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A former Kern High School District police chief is filing a lawsuit against the district, saying officials retaliated against him.
Joseph Lopeteguy says KHSD administrators pressured him to run illegal background checks on students, using a police database.
Lopeteguy says when he refused, he was placed on administrative leave.
Last November Lopeteguy filed a $2.2 million claim. Lopeteguy is seeking $100 million in damages, according to his attorneys.  
KHSD released the following statement Monday. 
The Kern High School District is unable to comment upon the allegations being made publically against it by the attorneys representing KHSD’s Chief of Police Joe Lopeteguy, which is an obvious attempt to prejudice the District in the media, the community, and with the potential jury pool.
The District will not, and ethically cannot, argue this case in the media, which is improper. Further, the KHSD is legally unable provide information to the public regarding police officer personnel matters, due to the strict prohibitions against disclosing employment information involving police officers. This leaves the District unable to publically defend itself in this regard or to provide the public with relevant and important information about this case at this time.
However, the District looks forward to the opportunity to vigorously defend itself against this lawsuit and to provide the court and jurors with evidence related to this matter and the parties involved.
The Kern High School District is represented in this case by defense attorneys Arnold Anchodorquy and John Szewczyk of Clifford and Brown in Bakersfield.
To read a copy of the lawsuit click here

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