Hello Humankindness: From Jordan back to Bakersfield

Nancy Frick thought she would never get her iPad back.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - From Bakersfield to the country of Jordan and back again, a local salon owner helps his customer find her iPad she lost overseas.

Nancy Frick thought she would never get her iPad back.

"I was traveling in Jordan in the prehistoric ancient town of Petra. I laid my iPad down and three miles later when i walked back i realized i had left it there," she says.

"We're out in the middle of the desert. I just figured it was gone forever."

Memories of her trip to Jordan were gone. 

But that was until she traveled roughly 7,500 miles back to Bakersfield and stopped by her favorite salon -- Afif Hair International - to get her hair and nails done. 

The salon's owner, Afifa Matalka, is originally from Jordan -- something Frick did not know -- until she returned home.  

"When I got back, he said how was your trip and I go, 'It was great, but my iPad is still on vacation.'"

Matalka sent Facebook messages to his family and friends living in jordan.

"I felt so bad for her so I said let's see if we can't do something about it," Matalka said.

His cousin, who owns a tour company in Petra, offered to help.

"He said, 'Afif I have a tour going to Petra tomorrow, so I'm going to let my guide go to the police station and check over there.'"

The iPad was there. The iPad had been turned in to Petra police. 

Fed-Ex and UPS refused to send the iPad to America, but DHL agreed and two months after returning home from Jordan, Frick was reunited with her iPad. 

"Jordanian people ... their hearts are about as big as Jordan," she says. 

Matalka believes these kind acts can help the world make a better place.

"With all the trouble that we have in the world, I think that made us feel so good that we were able to help and do something nice and if -- everybody -- if they do something nice like that it would be a different world." 

On top of it all, Frick says she tried to pay Matalka's family for their help returning her iPad, but they refused any compensation; except a chance to meet her for a cup of coffee when they visit America. 

If you know someone who has demonstrated kindness to others, we want to know about it Click on the Human Kindness link and share it with us.

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