KCSO addresses security concerns at Lerdo jail

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Growing security concerns at the county jail. The locks designed to keep inmates in their cells are being defeated by a growing number of inmates, putting detention officers and inmates alike at risk.

County supervisors addressed the Lerdo lock issue Tuesday, approving $1.7 million for new locks. In a letter to the board, Sheriff Donny Youngbglood requested the emergency funding. 

The sheriff's department reports 112 incidents in the last three months where inmates got out of locked cells. A riot last month at the Lerdo pretrial facility was the final straw. 

Chief Deputy of Detentions Tyson Davis said, "A day after the riot, staff met with me and we made the determination that this was a large problem and that because locks were defeated during the riot, that we needed to make this an emergency situation."
Davis said more than half of the pretrial cell door locks have been broken in recent months. 

"The door appears locked, and if you pull on the handle, the door won't open, but inmates can use an object to manipulate the lock and open it," said Davis. 
He said that won't happen with the new locks. 

Davis said, "They refer to it as a maximum security lock with is five inches across instead of two inches across and it's encased in a steel box so that it can't be tampered with."

The sheriff's department estimates it will take seven months to install nearly 450 locks. 

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